Jianglong in China has a perfect after-sales service technical support system, and set up in all provinces of the after-sales service technical service institutions, matched with professional, fixed professional technology, maintenance engineers and spare parts warehouse inventory, fully meet the customer in daily use and maintenance of the material supply.

    Regardless of the warranty period and warranty period, company provide 7 * 24 hours (week) after-sales service technical service, the customer by telephone, WeChat, text messages, mail, fax, and a variety of ways to repair service, after-sales service department received notice response, reply within 4 hours after treatment scheme, within 2 working days send inspection on product repair professional and technical personnel.
    • Outside the warranty period, the company provides free technical support for life, only charging the cost of life after-sales service.
    • During the warranty period, our company shall repair or replace any defect, fault or damage caused by our company's construction, process, material and equipment quality free of charge.
    • The warranty period of products delivered by the company (free warranty period) is 1 year (12 months), calculated from the day after the delivery customer signs the handover protocol.
    No Service project Content Planned completion time The number of people
    01 product delivery According to the delivery time required by the customer, I will dispatch the means of transportation and arrange 2 service personnel to hand over the materials and technical documents of the delivered products and conduct acceptance inspection of the products Products arrive at customer destination 1-3 days 1-3
    02 General troubleshooting during warranty period According to customer feedback, conduct telephone technical guidance or send personnel to provide on-site service 1-2 days 1-2
    03 Troubleshooting during warranty period According to customer feedback, analyze the nature of the problem, provide free on-site service 3-5 days as needed
    04 Product service archive Make a good record of each service completion and analyze the product quality reasons 1day 1
    05 Customer satisfaction survey Make regular telephone return visit and issue customer satisfaction survey At least twice a year 1
    • After product delivery, set up special after-sales technical service files, record the time, process and cause analysis of each customer's product repair application.
      It involves the permanent preservation of the ship's maintenance records and archives, and provides lifelong free after-sales service technical consultation and maintenance guidance for customers;
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